Video: Watch One of The Powerful Videos of the Election

Video: Black Trump Supporters Explain Why They are Voting for DONALD TRUMP! #Blacks4Trump

The Video Editor of the Video Mark F @immigrant4trump, who has over 60,000 followers on Twitter.
Mark said “The Video was made for Black Americans For Trump, Over 10 Video Submission were sent to me. I simple ask I am making a video, Explain Why you support and the videos came rolling in”
“What makes this video a success, it came directly from the American people.” “The Video has received over 300,000 views on youtube, 100,000 on twitter in 2 weeks. My only regret wished I am made it sooner!”
Mark noted some of comments on YouTube ask “If the people were scripted or paid.” “No, Script, No payment. I find it ridiculously people ask those question. It’s Liberal Bigotry.”

Mark also said that the video has over 7,000 comments on youtube and twitter combined, and received 100s of comments from African Americans expressing support of Trump.
Here are Some of the Comments Below:

The Video Went Viral, was shared by Donald Trump Jr, and Eric Trump on twitter and facebook. Becoming One the Most Powerful Videos of the Election.
We ranked this the Top 10 videos of the election!

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