VIDEO: Tucker DESTROYS MSNBC, Maddow for Blaming ‘Disaster’ in Venezuela on Trump

Tucker Carlson Blasts Rachel Maddow, MSNBC For Linking Venezuela Protests To Trump: Can’t Fix Stupid.

Fox News Reports:
On his show on Friday, Tucker Carlson was quick to point out that the Venezuelan people are actually upset about the poverty, lack of food and lack of rights under Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and his socialist government.

“There’s no toilet paper or meat there. The currency is worthless. The murder rate is perhaps the highest in the world. The Supreme Court has tried to abolish the entire legislature for daring to oppose the dictator who’s running the place into the ground,” Tucker said. “It’s a disaster in Venezuela.”

“So given all of this, who did MSNBC blame for the turmoil there? If you guessed Donald Trump, give yourself a million worthless Venezuelan Bolivars as a prize.”

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