VIDEO: Tucker Destroys Anti-Trump Teen Vogue Writer HEATED DEBATE

Tucker Carlson vs Lauren Duca (Teen Vogue): Is Ivanka Trump Fair Game HEATED DEBATE 12/23/16. On the Friday December 23, 2015 episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Host Tucker Carlson Takes on Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca in a heated debate on whether Ivanka Trump is fair game. Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca faced off with Fox’s Tucker Carlson tonight and they got into a fierce back and forth about Ivanka Trump and things that Duca has written.

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  1. Just another idiot liberal bully….they try to come off with the it’s all good, peace and love when in reality they are nothing more than a bunch of jealous, jaded haters. We need to start boycotting these publications and send a message we are tired of your BS lip service and Barry has run this country to the brink of disaster….quit picking on the one guy who has the brains to right this sinking ship!

  2. grow up Ms DUCA you made a fool your self your a selfish hateful person .people like you is what we are trying to get away from. Go President Trump and I’m am a black American and a woman who voted for him . You Ms. DUCA your one of the fake new people. Get a life !

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