Video: Tucker Carlson Destroys New York Times’ Public Editor Over Liberal Bias

Tucker Carlson vs. New York Times’ public editor

FoxNews Reports

Tucker Carlson Takes on NY Times Over Liberal Bias

Tucker Carlson faced off with New York Times editor Liz Spayd tonight over the paper’s liberal bias.

Carlson argued that the Times became an advocacy organization for Hillary Clinton against President-elect Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Spayd, who recently wrote that better campaign coverage was needed, acknowledged that there is a lack of ideological diversity at the paper.

She argued, however, that the vast majority of those employed at the Times strive to have “high journalistic standards.”

Carlson pointed out that many of the paper’s top political writers have exposed their bias on their personal Twitter accounts and made it clear that their primary goal was keeping Trump out of the White House.

He said this has several negative consequences for the Times, such as undermining their business model and empowering alternative media outlets.

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