VIDEO: Trump Supporters Rally Outside The Oscars In Hollywood chanting ’USA’ and ’Americans First’

Trump rally outside Oscars in Hollywood! “We want unity for all Americans”, and Trump supporters chanting USA and “Americans first.”

Video by Irma @LatinaaForTrump
Trump supporters held the event outside the Metro station near the corner of Hollywood and Vine, not far from the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars ceremony are held.

Emily Hemingway “Everyone likes to worship these celebrities as if they’re some sort of deities,” Feiner said.

“We just want to show that just because a celebrity thinks a certain way and because they might express their views on a large platform that does not reflect the views of all of America,” Hemingway added. “That reflects the views of that individual person. I feel like celebrities are trying to kind of speak for us and we want to speak for us. That’s why we’re out here.”
Donna Mariee Tasayco periodically shouted out “Latinos for Trump” as she stood in front of the station. Tasayco, who emigrated from Peru about 20 years ago, said she came out to show her support.

“I want to support my president — my president is Donald Trump,” she said. “I’m Latina and I support him because he’s the only man who says the truth and he’s honest, smart and will make America great again.”

“Latinos for Trump. Legal Latinos,” one man shouted into a miniature megaphone.

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