VIDEO: Syrian Women Celebrate Their Freedom From ISIS By Setting Their Veils on Fire

Syrian women celebrate their freedom from ISIS By Setting Their Veils on Fire.

I just loved the moment when she pulled her veil off and her huge, beautiful smile was revealed! I hope many more oppressed and enslaved women are freed from the tyranny of ISIS!

conservative review Reports
Overwhelmed with joy after being freed from the grip of the Islamic State, some Syrian women have taken to burning the veils that they were forced to wear while living under the control of the terror group.

Video of the celebrations emerged Wednesday on a YouTube channel affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Syrian rebel group made up mostly of Kurdish fighters.

The video shows men, women, and children all singing and dancing to celebrate their liberation from the Islamic State. Two of the women in the video take off their veil and proceed to light it ablaze in celebration. Two other women celebrate their freedom by lighting up a cigarette, while children are seen dancing in the streets.

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