VIDEO: Sean Hannity: Susan Rice has a lot of explaining to do

VIDEO: Multiple reports reveal the former Obama adviser requested the names of Trump transition team members be unmasked

Fox News Reports:
Hannity said the names that were unmasked at Rice’s behest were sent to several top intelligence officials, from the National Security Council to CIA Director John Brennan and her own top aide Ben Rhodes.

He asked whether Rice was lying when she told CBS that she knows nothing about the reports of her reported role in the unmasking.

Hannity said Americans must be told what Rhodes, Brennan and others know about the situation, and whether the unmasking was done for political purposes.

“Did they knowingly surveil an opposition party or incoming president?” he asked.

Housley told Hannity that those same intelligence agencies “slow-rolled” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) while he was investigating the allegations.

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