VIDEO: Police Arrest Thug at UC Berkeley For Refusing To Take Off Mask

Police remove Antifa power at Berkeley by forcing them to remove masks or go to jail. Raphael Kadaris of the Refuse Fascism group didn’t obeyed the lawful request by those police officers.
So this is a welcome sight:

LA Times Reports:
“The UC Berkeley Police Department on Thursday afternoon issued a list of items of banned from a gathering space on campus.

According to the department, Sproul Plaza was designated as an event area and those wanting to enter could be searched for restricted items.

Some items, including weapons, fireworks, chains, sticks and explosives, were obvious no-nos. Masks are also prohibited.

But other banned items were just bizarre, including balloons, hard or frozen fruit, and animals.”

“I plead the fifth,” the masked thug told police.

“That’s not applicable here,” the officer replied.

“Why is that not applicable?” said the masked man.

“We are not in court,”  officer replied.

Police arrested the man, who then took off his mask, arrested him in plastic restraints and led him off.

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