VIDEO: Mike Cernovich Says His Source for Susan Rice Story was MSM Employees Leaking Info

Mike Cernovich says his source for Susan Rice Story was mainstream media employees leaking info. Mike Said on twitter “We know it’s you Ambassador Rice. Bloomberg and NY Times both sat on the story to protect Obama. Have a nice time before Congress.”
Watch The Video:

Zero Hedge Reports:
But, as it turns out, Cernovich didn’t need a ‘deep throat’ within the NSA or CIA for his blockbuster scoop, all he needed was some well-placed sources inside of a couple of America’s corrupt mainstream media outlets. As Cernovich explains below, his sources for the Susan Rice story were actually folks working at Bloomberg and the New York Times who revealed that both Eli Lake (Bloomberg) and Maggie Haberman (NYT) were sitting on the Susan Rice story in order to protect the Obama administration.

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