VIDEO: Michelle Malkin ’We Have To Stop Calling These Places ’Sanctuary’ Cities. They’re OUTLAW CITIES’

“We have to stop calling these places ‘sanctuary’ cities. They’re outlaw cities.” -@michellemalkin

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  1. How did a city that is controlled by the federal government? The Federal District of Columbia get on the list. I believe Washington is technically one of the towns in that District.

  2. I call them “Betrayal Cities”.
    Not “outlaw”, because there are plenty of laws for which you can be punished — parking in the wrong place, defending yourself (especially with a firearm), improving your property without government permission, paying an employee what he’s worth instead of what’s mandated, putting the wrong stuff in a recycle bin, etc. But betraying the nation? That’s just fine & dandy in a Betrayal City …

  3. It’s obvious that folks are not familiar with the differences in responsibilities and responsibilities between city/state law enforcement and federal law enforcemt. City, county and state law enforcement is responsible for enforcing city ordinances and state laws while federal agencies are responsible for federal crimes like mail fraud, immigration, tax evasion, etc. Do we really want all law enforcement to be federal and report to the federal government? That’s very threatening to the very tenants of our Republic and it’s Constitution. It seems the feds are poised to do just that.

  4. Yep. I write extensively about Cultural Marxist control of the lexicon as the sine qua non of their control of everything and how well-meaning patriots immediately adopt their control words and phrases – unwittingly carrying water for them in the most servile and destructive way. This is one of my biggest peeves.

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