VIDEO: Maxine Waters Caught In Lie… Denies Calling For Trump’s Impeachment

“I have not called for impeachment,” Waters insisted, despite evidence to the contrary.
Daily Caller Reports:
California Rep. Maxine Waters is denying ever having called for Donald Trump’s impeachment, a bizarre claim since she was recorded on video just this weekend leading a crowd of activists in an “Impeach 45!” chant.

In an interview on Tuesday with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, Waters was asked about a tweet she sent out earlier in the day saying that she was going to fight “everyday until [Trump’s] impeached.”

Waters said that allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government need to be investigated.

“Should we wait to call for impeachment until we have the answers to…some of the questions?” Melvin asked Waters.

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  1. It appears the label Loony Left has some substance in fact. How can people even consider voting for this woman? She accuses Trump of telling lies, I don’t think she fully understands what the word means. Perhaps she should take a look at her own party leaders who are currently under investigation for trying to organize a coup in Turkey! The incessant attacks on Trump are now starting to look very UN-American and the rest of the world is beginning to question whether your politicians can be trusted at all?

  2. Who listens to anything Maxine Waters says? She is an out of touch, aged politician (?) that fills up space in the unending world of “remember slavery”. She does her brothers and sisters a grave disservice to continue to wade the muddy waters instead of encouraging their advancement…SAD.

  3. Maxine is a short sighted loser whose own prejudices has her blind to what the truth really is and she has no desire to face reality.

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