VIDEO: Liberal Lie Debunked: PROOF that Donald Trump did NOT mock a reporter’s disability

No, Meryl Streep, Trump criticized “a disabled reporter” for retracting a story–NOT FOR A DISABILITY:
Watch The Video (Video by Media analyst Mark Dice has the story)

Fox News Reports:
But a pro-Trump, Catholic website has compiled footage appearing to show Trump has a very limited repertoire of impressions — which the site points to as “evidence” he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability.

View the video above to see a compilation of Trump’s impressions.

Catholics 4 Trump posted four videos – one of which dates back to 2005 – in which Trump impersonates everyone from Sen. Ted Cruz to The Donald himself with the same, flailing mannerisms and goofy speech.

At a February rally in South Carolina, Trump deployed the impression style to mock Cruz’s answer to a question about waterboarding that was posed during an earlier debate. With a panicked look on his face and his hands flapping about, Trump stammered “Oh, I don’t wanna talk about it!”

Trump also used the arm-thrashing act when making fun of himself during an interview with Larry King in 2005; when imitating a bank president in October; and when mocking an Army general at the same November speech in which he made the original Kovaleski comments.

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