VIDEO: Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Calls Ivanka Trump A “Liar” While His Ratings Struggle

Daily Show’s Trevor Noah calls Ivanka Trump A “Liar” for decision to accept a role as her father’s advisor. While Trevor Noah ratings struggle no one cares what this liberal thinks. According to Nielsen, the Comedy Central show’s viewership has declined by 37% since Jon Stewart left The Daily Show.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Gets 880,000 Viewers On Average
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart garnered a 0.65 and 1.5 million viewers.
Trevor Noah was asked last year by Lindsey Graham “Are you a citizen?” Trevor responded “Am I a citizen? No, I’m not”.
Here is the video of Trevor calling Ivanka a “liar” Reports
Trevor Noah has launched a scathing attack on Ivanka Trump’s decision to accept a role as her father’s advisor and labelled the first daughter a “liar”.

Ms Trump, President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter who is said to be his “favourite”, has been appointed as an official government employee and will join her husband, Jared Kushner, who also serves as an unpaid White House advisor to her father.

The comedian, who hosts The Daily Show, alerted viewer’s attention “Ms Trump claimed she would not be joining her father’s team after the election.”

After the first daughter was directly asked whether she would be joining the Trump administration during an appearance on 60 Minutes last November, she said: “No, I’m going to be a daughter”.

“And a liar,” Noah chipped in on his show on Thursday, mocking Ms Trump’s cordial smile after they showed a clip of the interview.

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