VIDEO: Clueless Liberal Attacks Trump Supporter and Rips ’Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’ Sign Outside Oscars Gets Arrested

Dozens of supporters of US President Donald Trump rallied on the Hollywood boulevard in Los Angeles, Saturday, a day ahead of the Academy Awards ceremony, in order to defend the president and protect his star on the Walk of Fame. A clueless liberal attacks and rips Trump supporters “Jobs” sign outside the Oscars. Video shows clearly she threw the first punch, resulting with the liberal getting arrested by the police. Thank our brave police!
Daily Mail Reports
Two young women clashed with a Trump supporter in Los Angeles on Sunday. Footage showed a woman breaking a sign of a Trump supporter at an anti-Oscars protest near the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. It came as Trump supporters called for people to boycott watching the Oscars. The post says that ‘American people’ should fight back by not watching on TV

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