Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Tariq Nasheed: FREAKS When Tucker Carlson Reads Passages From His Own Book

Daily Caller Reports
Author and racial activist Tariq Nasheed stopped by Monday’s broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to talk about alleged white supremacists serving in Trump’s cabinet, yet berated the Fox News host for citing passages from Nasheed’s own book, “The Art of Macking.”

Nasheed — who writes on a variety of subjects including picking up chicks and the subversive nature of systemic racism — tweeted that Trump’s nominees include members of “a white supremacists [sic] sect that literally throw up Nazi salutes.”

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  1. Tariq is the next generation sleazeball slander merchant following in the footsteps of the king of sleaze, Al Sharpton. Tucker is the spearhead of the Truth.

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