Filipino Immigrant Designed Joy Villa’s Trump Gown Made It In Response To Madonna’s Anti-Trump Comments

Andre Soriano reveals inspiration for the ‘Make America Great Again’ Grammys gown he designed came after seeing the Women’s March, featuring Madonna who said she wanted to “blowing up the White House” following President Trump’s election.
Andre Soriano revealed on the Fox News Interview that singer Joy Villa voted for Trump
“We both voted For President Trump, It’s a message all across the board. It’s about peace and love… its what we believe in.” Designer Andre Soriano also revealed he has a Trump flag in front his house in support of trump during the election and designed the dress after the flag.

Fox News Reports:
Singer Joy Villa turned plenty of heads on the red carpet of Sunday’s Grammy Awards when she wore a President Donald Trump-themed “Make America Great Again” gown.

Though she has received backlash and even death threats, she’s also been called brave and courageous for standing up for her beliefs.

In just a few hours, her album “I Make the Static” rose up Amazon’s Movers & Shakers albums list from No. 543,202 to No. 3.

“Joy, we have to make a statement,” said Soriano, an immigrant from the Philippines who is a Trump supporter. “We have to put America together and we have to promote love, and since her music is about love and I have the Trump flag in front of our house, I was like, ‘I’m gonna make you a Trump gown.'”

Soriano said the decision to wear the dress had nothing to do with a potential increase in album sales.

“Her politics is about love,” he said. “We both voted for President Trump, and it’s a message all across the board. It’s about peace and love. … At the end of the day, it’s really about what you believe in as an artist, and it’s all about uniting people together, it’s about family, it’s about friends.”

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