Trump Supporter Mark @Immigrant4trump Destroys ANTIFA on Twitter

Trump supporter Mark @Immigrant4trump who has over 105,000 followers destroys ANTIFA on Twitter. The Trump event was a grassroots event set up by everyday Trump supporters. ANTIFA Philly thugs showed up at a Trump Rally in Philly over the weekend. These thugs of whom had their faces covered in cloth with their hoods up.

Twitter user Mark exposed “ANTIFA Philly” for burning American flag on the streets of Philly and called them out. “Philly ANTIFA burning the American flag today at Trump Rally in #philadelphia – Cowards Cover Their faces” Mark said on twitter.

ANTIFA responded back To @Immigrant4trump, Showing no shame for burning the American flag.

Mark @Immigrant4trump Destroyed ANTIFA PHILLY in two tweets.

The response was epic and received many responses from Trump Supporters

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