Trump Supporter @AmyMek Destroyed CNN Jake Tapper on Twitter With One Tweet

Trump Supporter destroyed CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Twitter. It started off with a tweet by trump supporter @AmyMek calling out Fake News CNN, asking for Jake to comment. Here is the back and forth.

Then Jake responded back to the tweet attacking Amy, “please remove mentions of God frrom your bio if you’re going to continue to lie like a rug”

screenshot of amy twitter profile

Then Amy replied back with a EPIC TWEET RESPONSE:

Amy tweet was 100% true, resulting in Jake not in responding back

Twitter responded back, like a “MIC DROP”

Watch This Funny Video: “CNN You’re Fired, “YOU are FAKE NEWS!”

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  1. According to the “screen capture” above, Jake Tapper said Amy Mek was lying “like a rug”. This doesn’t seem to jibe with publicly available information. Mr. Tapper needs to disprove his assertion or apologize to Amy, and to America’s CNN viewers.

    Amy Mek’s post said Mr. Tapper’s wife wife was a regional manager at an abortion clinic.


    A New York Times article identifies Jennifer Marie Brown’s 2006 employment status:
    “regional field manager in Washington for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America; she recruits, educates and organizes supporters of the organization.”

  2. Jake Tappers is a very disappointing excuse of a Journalist, but so is CNN! It would be hove him/them to STOP LYING! SPEAK the True Facts & support our Pres Trump ☆USA☆

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