VIDEO: President Trump Signs Executive Order Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Trump signs new executive order supporting historically black colleges and universities. The Republicans are at least talking about the problems, and coming together to fix the problems. Democrats need to take note.

Washington Times Reports:
President Trump will sign an executive order Tuesday aimed at boosting his administration’s support for historically black colleges, as he seeks a closer relationship with the schools than former President Barack Obama had.

The president is signing a measure that will move the government’s program for promoting historically black colleges and universities, called HBCUs, from the Education Department to direct oversight by the White House.

A senior White House official said Mr. Trump wants to “make HBCUs a priority again.” One goal will be to promote the schools as “strategic partners” in the president’s plan to improve inner cities, the official said.

The president held a meeting in the Oval Office Monday with representatives of more than 60 schools; they also met with Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

“You deserve far more credit than you get, and know that beginning today, this administration is committed to making sure that our historically black colleges and universities get the credit and the attention they deserve,” Mr. Pence told them. “Get ready for a great and energetic partnership in the days ahead.”
Also The order will allow HBCU officials to serve as advisors to Trump on his urban agenda as well as increase the private sector’s role in the colleges and universities, a White House official said.

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