TRUMP EFFECT: Joy Villa Music Sales Sky Rocket Now in Top 15 Best Sellers On iTunes and Rising #Grammys

Joy Villa’s music sales skyrocket on Itunes, now rising in the Top 15 best sellers. This happened after Joy Villa broke the glass ceiling appearing in a “Make America Great Again” dress and standing up to liberals at the Grammy Awards. Mentions about the dress broke twitter and facebook, many people giving her support, saying “Let’s show our support! Go buy Joy Villa ‘s music on iTunes”
Also worth mentioning, the dress designer andre soriano Is a filipino immigrant and a huge Trump supporter.
Joy Villa responded to her new Support and Fans: “I’m speechless…you, my amazing fans and supporters have put me to #16 on the iTunes Top Albums Charts!…”

started with about 12k followers tonight and is blowing past 54,000 and counting. Amazing over 40,000 followers in a few hours. Give a follow!

Here are tweets fans and Trump supporters buying her music in support.

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  1. Her music isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m glad to see something like this happen. It took courage to do what she did and it’s wonderful that like-minded people are flocking to support her.

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