Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Let States Deny Refugees

Ted Cruz introduces ‘common sense’ bill letting governors reject refugees
Two Texas Republicans Tuesday introduced legislation that would allow governors to keep refugees out of their states.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ted Poe introduced the State Refugee Security Act, The Hill reports. The bill requires the federal government to give states at least 21 days’ notice before settling a refugee there.

Currently, governors can only block refugees from being resettled in their states unless federal officials can provide “adequate assurance” that the person does not pose a security threat, the Hill reports.

“The first obligation of the president is to keep this country safe as commander in chief,” Cruz said in a statement. “I am encouraged that, unlike the previous administration, one of President [Donald] Trump’s top priorities is to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.”

The bill was re-introduced Tuesday after an initial start last year. Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby is another co-sponsor.

Both Trump and Cruz have attacked efforts by the Obama administration to settle Muslim refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq in the United States.

Cruz has suggested resettling only Christians from the region, arguing that members of the Islamic State would not try to hide among Christians, the Hill reports.

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