Sorry Hollywood Elitist #MerylStreep, If you repeat A LIE over 100 Times, Doesn’t Make it True #GoldenGlobes

Meryl Streep Calls Out Donald Trump with a Anti-Trump Speech. Sounds Like another liberal cry baby.

Media Exposed: Donald Trump Did NOT Make Fun of a Disabled Reporter’s Disability
Watch The Video: 

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Video: PROOF that Donald Trump did NOT mock a disabled reporter’s disability

The media, along with Hillary Clinton, have been claiming that Donald Trump mocked disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski. Obviously, Donald Trump denied this and now we know why. It’s because he did NOT mock a disabled reporter’s disability and here is PROOF!

Fox News Reports:
But a pro-Trump, Catholic website has compiled footage appearing to show Trump has a very limited repertoire of impressions — which the site points to as “evidence” he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability.

View the video above to see a compilation of Trump’s impressions.

Catholics 4 Trump posted four videos – one of which dates back to 2005 – in which Trump impersonates everyone from Sen. Ted Cruz to The Donald himself with the same, flailing mannerisms and goofy speech.

At a February rally in South Carolina, Trump deployed the impression style to mock Cruz’s answer to a question about waterboarding that was posed during an earlier debate. With a panicked look on his face and his hands flapping about, Trump stammered “Oh, I don’t wanna talk about it!”

Trump also used the arm-thrashing act when making fun of himself during an interview with Larry King in 2005; when imitating a bank president in October; and when mocking an Army general at the same November speech in which he made the original Kovaleski comments.

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