Poll: Who Should Replace Megyn Kelly on Fox News? (Vote Now!)

Megyn Kelly will leave Fox News later this year and join NBC News.
Megyn Kelly spokeswoman says she WILL host her show tonight… Her last day on Fox will be this Friday
Who should replace her? Tomi Lahren, Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine, Trish Regan or someone else

Who Should replace Megyn Kelly on Fox News?

Many Trump Supporters so far want Tomi Lahren or Laura Ingraham as the replacement

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  1. The judge would make a good replacement. Brilliant person. Knows laws and can be a good asset

  2. judge Jeanine is the best pick,shes intelligent spunky,brass,not afraid to tell someone she disagrees with off.She will bring the ratings for fox news high ratings at that.

  3. Please pick judge Jeanine shes the best choice very smart,republican.Has guts love watching on Saturdays but she should get her own show during the week.

    1. Choose a professional, instead of a slutty female w/her boobs hanging out & the intent for her body to help her image

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