Poll: Trump Would Beat Hillary Again, If The Election Were Held Today

Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%, Trump would beat Hillary again, if The election were held today and would win the popular vote in a rematch.

TownHall Reports:
A fresh national survey from the Washington Post and ABC News demonstrates… With near unanimity, virtually every American who pulled the lever for Trump in November does not regret the decision. Indeed, the poll shows that in spite of all of the controversy, mass demonstrations, media hostility and popular culture ridicule, if the same pool of voters were to do it all over again today, Donald Trump would once again defeat Hillary Clinton:

As the ABC News write-up states, the survey found that respondents backed Clinton over Trump in the fall by a three-point margin, which is within one point of the final national margin. But because almost none of Trump’s supporters would abandon him, while fully 15 percent of Clinton’s say they’d ditch her, Trump would score a popular vote victory in a re-do election.

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