More Than 600 Companies Offering to Build ’Big, Beautiful Wall’ Across The U.S.-Mexico Border

Trump’s ’Big, Beautiful Wall’ would be 30 feet high at Mexican border and 600+ companies offering to help build the wall even one from Mexico. The illegal border crossing is already down by 40% thanks to President Trump. Law and order is back!

CNBC Reports:
Customs and Border Patrol has already begun soliciting ideas from businesses, with more than 600 submitting design concepts. The agency is expected to release two formal requests for proposals soon, one focusing on a concrete wall and another for other types of barriers.

A CNBC analysis of the companies that have expressed preliminary interest in the project shows most of them are based in California and Texas — more than 100 vendors each — according to a government database. Only two states, Maine and Vermont, did not have any businesses apply as of early this week.

Many of the businesses appear to be small or mid-sized firms, offering services from consulting to construction, lighting to video surveillance. At least 133 companies were listed as owned by minorities — including 39 by Hispanics. About 127 were run by women, while about 80 are veteran-owned. Those designations could qualify them for special consideration for government contracts.

The database does not include details of any proposals the companies may have submitted. In addition, many companies did not provide any demographic information. For those that did, CNBC’s analysis allowed companies to be counted in more than one category. For example, a business headed by a female veteran would be counted as woman-owned and veteran-owned.

Notably absent from the government’s list of interested vendors were some of the country’s biggest infrastructure and construction companies, such as Bechtel (: ) and United Technologies (NYSE: UTX). One long-time government contractor, Caddell Construction, did submit paperwork. Some of the publicly traded firms that expressed interest include U.S. Concrete (NASDAQ: USCR), KBR (NYSE: KBR), Martin Marietta (NYSE: MLM) and Fluor (NYSE: FLR).

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  1. Wow. Will he make it a reality? Seems he may well build this. People who do not recognise his right to do so will find innovative ways of making it look like a waste of time and money.

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