Mark F. @Immigrant4Trump Holds The Record for Most RT for single post during the 2016 Election as a Trump Supporter

Mark F. @Immigrant4Trump Wins Viral Tweet of the Year From A Trump Supporter during the 2016 election. Receiving more Retweets than any Trump supporter! Beating Bill Mitchell, Dan Scavino Jr. by a wide margin for a single tweet.

Mark F. @Immigrant4Trump holds the record for most Retweets for a single tweet during the 2016 election period as a Trump supporter. Yes, Trump himself can get 50,000 RT easy, but being a individual trump supporter this stat is impressive!latinos-for-trump-4621
(Photo of Mark @Immigrant4trump, twitters stats, the day of the record tweet, made cripple effect for 2-3 day straight)
Even passing more likes and RT than most of Hillary’s own tweets.
Mark said “I post this tweet out few days before the election (Nov. 6) Features a powerful video by @brunelldonald. This tweet got over 3,000,000 views just in 24 hour period, Yes people made this viral. Trump WON!” “Now liberals are blaming social media for losing, I am happy to have a small part of making Hillary Lose” “Don’t mess with the power of the Trump Train!” said Marklatinos-for-trump-4627
Watch The Video Below!

The Video was RT by Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trumpcollage-2016-10-97

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  1. I wish there was a way we could all have a Victory party together on Jan 20th!!! I am hosting one!!! Love all the Trump supporters!!! God bless America, land that we love!!!

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