Liberals Turn on Van Jones Calling Him ’Coon of the Year’ on Twitter After ’Trump Became President’ Comment

Van Jones said after Trump speech to congress “Trump ‘Became President of the United States In That Moment, Period’
Some liberals didn’t like Van Jones for saying the comment and turned on him. One person called him “Coon of the Year” and other said “he’s on that Uncle Tom shit, I’m done.”

This was tweeted by @Sir_A_Francis he has deleted the tweet after getting backlash.

Wow this comment is terrible! Tweeted by a Black Lives Matter Supporter

Probally one worst that was said @young_maymay said “from this moment in I don’t fuck with Van Jones…with the things happening to POC cuz of trump…he’s on that Uncle Tom shit, I’m done”

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  1. BLACK LIVES MATTER, These are the people Obama and his Libtard pigs support. They don’t want America to be great again.

  2. No, they won’t compromise. If they gain power again…we’re screwed. They’re f###’n CRAZY. ammo up now!

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