Liberals Are Losing: Late Show With Stephen Colbert Ratings Drop Like A Rock

Stephen Colbert Ratings Drop Like A Rock

AmericanOutLook Reports:

Stephen Colbert is a big time liberal and he makes no effort to hide it on his show. Now his far left politics may be affecting his ratings. He suffered a big drop recently.

TV By The Numbers reported:

Late-night ratings, Dec. 12-16, 2016: ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ drops

In the week of Dec. 12-16, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” managed to tick back upfrom a 0.87 to a 0.92 rating in adults 18-49 after falling slightly in the previous week. It continued its dominance over the 11:35 p.m. time slot. Also on NBC, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” experienced a similar bump from a 0.45 to a 0.48.

After an improvement the previous week, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” fell from a 0.55 to a 0.48, beating “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (0.47) by just one-hundredth of a point. After finally rising above “Nightline” also, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” took a hit, falling from a 0.31 to a 0.29.

In cable, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” ticked up to a 0.31 on Comedy Central, while “Conan” fell from a 0.28 to a 0.25.

Colbert’s numbers would probably improve if the dropped the hard left stuff but he likely won’t.

Liberal celebs still don’t seem to understand that the ground has shifted beneath them.

They don’t understand that Conservatives won’t watch them anymore.

We have too many other choices!

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  1. I will never watch Jimmy Kimmel again after his vicious attacks on Trump throughout the campaign…let that out of touch SOB living his privileged life in his GATED community try to figure out he’s going to keep his family fed with jobs disappearing over the past 8 years like the rest of us!!

  2. funny thing is colbert played right wing on his comedy channel show. i think he switched to playing left because he thought that would go over better with the new shows audience. interesting to hear the audience is shifting…

  3. My wife and I used to watch and support Stephen Colbert for years but truth be told, he is as
    sick and twisted as the pedophiles he defends such as the Clintons and Joe Biden. He attacks president elect Donald Trump for believing Julian Assange and WikiLeaks over the corrupt F.B.I.
    and C.I.A..The simple FACT is, WikiLeaks has never been proven wrong in its ten years of releasing important documentation, PERIOD! He must be getting quite the cash from the Demoncratic Party and its evil emperor Barack Obama! He has bragged for years that he is a Christian, and that alone is so far from the truth he would need a time machine to be able to go back to a time when that was true…..if ever there was one. Seth Rich most likely helped to expose the evil within the party and paid the ultimate price with his life, God rest his soul, not to mention other truth seekers who also paid the exact same. It is time the American People rise up and DEMAND full investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the Holocaust of thousands of missing and sexually trafficked children across the United States and around the globe. Politics for years has been too pre-occupied with right or left, instead of the more important choices of right or wrong!

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