Howard University Professor calls Steve Harvey a ’Coon’ for Supporting Trump

In the news today, Trump taps Steve Harvey to bring change to Chicago, other cities
Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson reached out Friday for help battling the problems facing Chicago and other inner cities — enlisting “King of Comedy” Steve Harvey.

Appears, Professor at Howard University didn’t like what he seen on tv. and said “Look up from work to see #Trump w/ #SteveHarvey & #FloydMayweather . #GrifterPresidency is a natural Coon Magnet. Ignore. Stay focused” on twitter”

Greg Carr is Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University and Adjunct Faculty at the Howard School of Law.

The left is putting out negativity, others on twitter have called Steve Harvey a “House N****” and “Coon

But good news, other African Americans slammed the left for calling Steve Harvey these words.

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    1. When you want to bring change you engage those actively involved with the issue, not somebody who says I don’t know what I’m doing to play with people’s lives while you set up your corporate rape team.

  1. I am so glad that all Americans have woken up to the truth. We need each other to Make America Great for all the people of this country. We have an obligation to our citizens to make sure their dreams come true. The black is no longer for sale and a moron PHD who stands in the way of that happening needs to be censured. It is obvious that his brain has been washed with a communist Agenda during the time of pursuing his education. I am sorry for him . I can only pray that he gets deprogrammed. No more racial divides in this country. No more of that. The KKK, the leftists, George Soros, Obama, Clinton they all depend on racial division, sex division or any division they can bring because ” A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND”. That is a ploy of the enemy and it is time for that to go away. We all bleed the same blood, our hearts all beat the same, we all want the best for our families and we all want to live in a country we love and that loves us back. Stop these leftists the minute they open their to speak their poison. The are like a harlot trying to seduce a man to leave his family for a bit of fake pleasure. We have work to do together, and together we can make a change that will have long lasting effects. I am my brothers keeper. God Bless Us everyone and God Bless America. Come the next Congressional and Senatorial Elections we have to exercise our God given right to vote for those who will serve us and oust those with the same old Rhetoric and lies they have put forth for years with no results. Enough is enough!!!

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