Hillary Physically Attacked both John Podesta and Robby Mook After She Knew She Would Lose!

The Real Reason Hillary Didn’t Speak Election Night Exposed! Hillary Completely Lost It!

Hillary Clinton did not make it on stage on election night. She sent John Podesta out instead and Hillary went home didn’t give a concession speech that night normally a candidate would do, while Trump gave his victory speech around 3AM ET.

Radio host Todd Kincannon from The Kincannon Show tweeted that a CNN reporter told him Hillary Clinton became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight last Tuesday as the presidency was slipping away.latinos-for-trump-4783

All of Hillary Clinton’s plans were foiled in the upset of the century. All of her illegal immigrant votes, slanderous advertisements, and paying people to stage riots at Trump and Pence events to make it look like Trump supporters were the violent ones, were not helpful at all in the end.

These shady tactics only furthered to divide the country and now Hillary Clinton and the liberals like George Soros are funding riots across the country to protest the election.

Hillary Clinton was obviously upset to have lost to Donald Trump in the election and it was never more apparent then when she refused to speak to the thousands of people anxiously waiting her concession speech and her attempt to patch the country back together.

There was never any explanation why Hillary Clinton never came out after she was guaranteed to lose, but now we know why she was no where to be seen.
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Hillary Clinton has truly gone insane! Donald Trump is going to be our President so you better get used to it Hillary!

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  1. She was livid BC OBAMA promised her if she dropped out 2012 she could B 1st female president in 2016 she supported and endorsed him for that promise & wen u LOOK & everything collectively Msm all the donors skating through FBI investigations U indicated her being president came from all over the world $$ endorsement setups trashing REPUBLICANS & she still lost she was not supposed to lose & she did it was supposed to be rigged but TRUMP gave us the truth & AMERICA was not suppose to ever know the truth she went off on even her own PPL BC it was there fault SHE WAS PROMISED TO B 1st female President that was gonna B her MAKING history being successful was not enough she want to make American history & it didn’t happen so she started kicken people’s ASSES People broke THERE promise to her & they were & are gönna Pay for crossing her I can’t wait to see what her new body count looks like in 2016 -2017

    1. Flawed as Trump is, I doubt if any other Republican candidate would have had the guts and fortitude to go against Hillary, because they were all too close to Washington, except Ben Carson, and I think most of them secretly feared Hillary Clinton. I often wondered, what does she have on all these people that not one single Democrat would speak out against the Benghazi cover-up, lying about her emails, her careless use of classified information, and her private server that would protect her dirty business dealings from being exposed through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). Why did FBI Director James Comey let her off the hook? Then someone emailed me a link to a website that blew my mind. This website (www.arkancide.com) is extraordinarily researched, with links to all of the allegations, and you’re going to be blown away by the amount of people who were connected to the Clintons, planned to expose their corruption, and somehow ended up dead under mysterious circumstances. HUNDREDS!!! For example, Hillary’s good friend Vince Foster – he was involved in the Whitewater scandal, offered a deal to testify against the Clintons, and ended up dead two days before the trial. There’s so much information here there’s no way it can ALL be coincidental, and I’m shocked more people don’t know about this site.


    1. Hillary sabotages herself. I know because I am deplorable and irredeemable. The press in all their efforts to bash Trump, helped her hurt herself. Being the kind of person who only wants to hear what flatters her, leaving no room for constructive criticism, the press printed what she wanted to see. Had they been honest, and she honest with herself, she would have known she was losing key states and could have done something about it. Also, I think Trump was reaching out to people while Hillary sat perched high upon her self-made pedestal spitting out mud.

  2. It’s my belief that you can see the state of a person’s heart by their smile. If that smile never reaches their eyes then one can surmise that the person is perpetually sad or perpetually mad. I fully believe Hillary Clinton is both sad and most definitely mad in every sense of the word.

  3. One has only to read Roger Stone’s book ‘Clintons’ war on women’ to learn how Hillary is not only a congenital liar & evil, but both a sociopath and psychopath too. Her claim to be an advocate for women & girls couldn’t be further from the truth, as it is revealed in the book how she intimidated/abused Bill Clinton’s many rape/assault victims. Now with the latest Wikileaks (Huma Abedin/Weiner emails) there is proof that she actually joined Bill occasionally on paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express to his Caribbean Orgy Island, where under age sex slaves were procured from all over Europe. The book covers the other criminalites of the Clinton crime family, her enriching corrupt Pay to Play scheme etc. I’m very pleased that JCongressman Jason Chaffetz still has the intention of investigating Hillary now that Trump has won the election and she can’t be protected by Obama (who has also lied to the FBI).

  4. Hillary thought she could lie, steal, destroy emails, be involved in pay to play, get questions, pay to incite riots at trumps rallies, intimidate bills accusers, and people wetent watching? Shame shame on her, pay for her own daughters wedding instead of the Clinton foundatu
    Ion, very bad Hillary, look in the mirror, pus, now you’ll have mor
    Time to watch bill chasing skirtse

  5. What they don’t understand is that the sexism line is not working. We did not vote for Hillary because she is a criminal and she is part of a crime family. It had nothing to do with what sex she is.

  6. What is so shocking is 60 million people voted for this crooked lady women men whites blacks Hispanics etc and bet you half knew she was crooked and didn’t care Democrats and liberals are tolerant towards corruption for one another but don’t let a conservative kill a ant because they will do everything they can to put us in prison for murder

  7. That’s a nice present to me.

    Thank you.

    It would have been sweet to actually see video.

    The sweetest would have been there watching it live.

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