George Takei Deletes His Twitter Poll After Not Getting Results He Wanted

George Takei deletes his own Twitter poll after not getting results he wanted. He quickly removed it after it was showing a positive result of Trump. Typical liberal

“Trump says the media is the true enemy of the American people. So lets take a poll. Who do you think does MORE HARM to the American people?” Takei asked.

His two options: The “unfair” news media or President Donald Trump.
Takei thought people would select Trump, but it backfired after nearly 70,000 votes it was nearly tied. The momentum of results of the poll was going towards the “news media” if he left the poll to end.

Takei later posted on Twitter his poll was “hijacked” by “alt-right virgin trolls.” However, he also later deleted that tweet, too.

Image source: screenshot

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