EXCLUSIVE: Meet @Immigrant4trump Who Took Down The Ex-Clinton Volunteer Who Slammed The Widow of Fallen SEAL

Mark F @immigrant4trump took down a former Hillary volunteer who slammed the widow of fallen SEAL.  Dan Grilo, according to his twitter profile was a former volunteer for both Hillary Clinton and Obama. Dan Grilo tweeted “Sorry, Owens’ wife, you’re not helping yourself or your husband’s memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot. Trump just used you.”

Donald Trump Jr. called the comment an example of “hatred from the other side.”
Mark @Immigrant4trump on twitter first exposed him, resulting in Dan Grilo deleting his comment on twitter and closing his twitter account, then the next day he was fired from his job.

About Mark @Immigrant4trump has made over 200 grassroots videos during the election in support of Trump (Visit his Youtube). Some featuring black and Latino Trump supporters, help giving them a voice since the liberal media ignores their support of Trump since it doesn’t fit their narrative. He was also invited to the inauguration and the Presidential Ball by the trump campaign.

Records Held by Mark:
1. He holds the record for most retweets by a Trump supporter during the election
2. Most videos shared by Trump, 3 times on twitter and 2 times of Facebook, Watch Mark’s Video Trump Train – Shared By Trump (Trump Train – April 19, 2016)

How did you first see the comment, since everyone has commented about it.
“I first saw it last night when searching on twitter for picture of the wife of the fallen navy seal since… I was live tweeting. I wanted to tweet about this wonderful women. Then came across his tweet on the twitter search, at the moment he just posted it about 15 minutes. It had no likes or retweets or any comments on it and I noticed his twitter account doesn’t get many retweets or likes, so no one would noticed until I saw it. I have people in my family that served in the military, I didn’t like how he disrespected the wife of fallen SEAL.”

When did you tweet about it?
“I notice on his twitter account he is former Hillary volunteer, It was time to expose him for his terrible tweet, I drop this tweet.”

“I shared what he said to some my twitter buddy’s. I want to give Stephanie @latinamericanrp a shout out for helping me first to spread it.”

“He block me after 5 minutes, I am twitter veteran so I know people usually cut and run. So I took a screenshot just in case!”
“Then I tweeted this out exposing him, after 30 minutes he received over 1,000 replies in comments calling him out for his stupid comments. He deleted his tweet, then protected his account, then later he closed his twitter account. Then you know everyone on twitter shared it”

Then what happened next?
“A lot of twitter users shared it and even @Cernovich @AnnCoulter mentioned about it on twitter. There were many people after that help exposed this guy. I don’t want to take credit for the work. But glad to be the first one to notice.”
Here’s Donald Trump Jr. Response.

Thanks Mark For Exposing him, Any other comment you want tell readers?
Yes, everyone who attacks Trump supporters or attacking the family of fallen military member. You Will be EXPOSED on twitter! I will leave a comment….”

Clinton Volunteer Fired for Calling Navy SEAL Widow an ‘Idiot’
“Last night during President Trump’s speech, a Liberty Advisor Group employee sent out an offensive and inappropriate tweet regarding the Gold Star family that was being rightly honored before Congress and the Nation. The personal views of this individual do not represent Liberty and we vigorously disavow them,” the company said in a statement posted to its website.

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