CNN Ratings Drop Like A Rock, Even HGTV Beat CNN in 2016

With the election of Donald Trump, Fox News has actually seen ratings grow since November 8.

CNN and MSNBC, on the other hand, have watched viewership fall off sharply.

CNN has seen its ratings fall 19 percent from 946,000 to 765,000. MSNBC dropped even more – 32 percent – from 825,000 to 559,000.

During primetime, Fox News has held its audience at about 2.9 million viewers before and after the election.

CNN dropped from 1.65 million to 960,000, a 42 percent fall off while MSNBC fell a comparable 38 percent, from 1.55 million to 959,000.

From Bloomberg:

Nikki Justice doesn’t seem like she’d be a big fan of HGTV’s show “Property Brothers.” A first-year astronomy and physics major at Ohio State University, she’s never owned a home, let alone flipped one. But her parents watched regularly, and now Justice tunes in several hours a week to watch one home transformation after another.

“A lot of the news these days is really stressful,” she said. “HGTV is not something that’s going to hurt me. I watch it and dream of what I want for my future house.”

So does Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who recently said that he prefers HGTV to ESPN. Taylor Swift shared on Instagram her affection for HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” And Hillary Clinton said she likes “Love It or List It” and “Beachfront Bargain Hunt,” calling them “relaxing, entertaining and informative.”

The escapist appeal of looking at other people’s beautiful homes turned Home & Garden Television into the third most-watched cable network in 2016, ahead of CNN and behind only Fox News and ESPN. Riding HGTV’s reality shows, parent company Scripps Networks Interactive Inc. has seen its shares rise more than 30 percent this year, outperforming bigger rivals like Walt Disney Co., 21st Century Fox Inc. and Viacom Inc.

HGTV’s formula is relentlessly consistent: a shabby house gets a makeover, and a happy couple moves in. A variation on the theme — house-flipping for fun and profit — works too. The network has aired 23 different flipping shows over the past few years. Today “Flip or Flop” and “Masters of Flip” run in prime time.

In the cable industry, though, success is relative. Like other networks, HGTV has lost nearly 4 million subscribers in the past two years, though ESPN lost about 6 million in that time. In a note last month titled “As Good As It Gets?” Michael Nathanson, an analyst at MoffettNathanson LLC, predicted viewership at HGTV has peaked and advised clients to sell Scripps shares. “I just worry that ratings at cable networks are volatile,” he said in an interview.

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  1. Can’t trust any of them except Fox news. All others are liars and anti-Trump. They have promoted hate and divisiveness

  2. Quit watching CNNyears ago. Liberal slant to their news. If I’m not watching FOX news, then I’m watching HGTV. I flip between the two most of the time. Other liberal news can go under for all I care. Don’t like liberals so I don’t like liberal news either.

  3. Pit Of hell. Satan was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, and his
    media mouth pieces are the same.
    How many magnificent boys in blue have been slaughtered by jinned up media
    lies? MSM is public enemy number one. Their sole agenda is the destruction of
    this country.

  4. My favorite Fox News, totally informative and honest. I dropped CNN approximately a year and a half ago…. totally dishonest. Also love National Geographic, Alaska the last frontier, HGTV.
    I finally sought the dishonesty amongst liberal media.

    1. Agreed. I’ve even boycotted FNC. Even the shows you mentioned have a liberal slant. A couple ran HRC political ads pre-election.

  5. I love Fixer Upper, flip or flop, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, House Hunters INT’l, Mexican Life + Caribbean Life. LOVE HGTV

  6. I have watched CNN for over 25years I don’t watch anymore you cant get any real News CNN is now the BASH TRUMP 24/7 it don’t report news I watch last week when some storms where coming, over 40 min and not one time did they talk about bad whether not once they play stupid and ask the same people all day about bashing the New POTUSE I just don’t get it keep doing this and there wont be anything else for all of you to do when he dose something good you always look for something bad and he is not even POTUS yet , if you don’t start reporting news again I will not watch anymore I talk to my friends last week and they all said the same thing even when you guys say or do something wrong you just pretend it don’t happened sad but true good luck in 2017 you better hope Mr Donald J Trump makes lots of news for you guys with out him you have NOTHING

  7. All corporate media is spewing lies (FOX, MSNBC, CNN) further enforcing the dumbing down of our society. Since they refuse to actually investigate anything and report facts, don’t count on anything more than sound bites and tweets for the next 4 years.

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