CNN Earns Title Of Least Trusted Cable News Network

CNN is the least trusted cable news network, according to a  new poll published Wednesday.

Among those likely voters who watch CNN, just 33 percent said they trust the political news they get — compared with 43 percent of MSNBC and 50 percent of Fox News viewers.

Western journalism Reports
The survey, conducted by Rasmussen Reports, found that 75 percent of likely voters watch at least some cable news each week.

Of those, 42 percent watch Fox News, 35 percent CNN and 19 percent MSNBC.

Regarding political news coverage, respondents seem to view all the cable news networks with some skepticism.

“Fair and balanced” Fox News scored the best with 50 percent reporting they trust the political news they are getting from the network. Meanwhile, 43 percent of MSNBC viewers said they trust the political news offered there.

CNN came in last among the big three, with just 33 percent indicating they really believe “the most trusted name in news.”

“Most Republicans (72%) watch Fox, while 50% of Democrats would rather view CNN. Voters not affiliated with either party are evenly divided between the two,” according to Rasmussen.

As reported by Western Journalism, for the first time in Fox News’ 20-year history, it earned the crown of the most watched cable channel in 2016, topping ESPN and TBS.

The network only trails broadcast channels NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox in terms of overall viewers.

In November, Fox News averaged more than twice as many viewers as CNN: 3.83 million in prime time and just shy of 2 million for its total day average.

CNN garnered 1.83 million viewers in prime time and 993,000 for total day.

“As we close out our 20th year, Fox News continues to redefine television news and break ratings records, proving it is indeed the most watched and most trusted television news source in the country,” co-presidents Jack Abernethy and Bill Shine said in the joint statement.

Not only that! CNN ratings have been “DROPPING LIKE A ROCK” after the election

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