Video: Brunell Donald-Kyei “My Practice Was Boycotted. I Was Sent a Note I am Blackballed” For Supporting Trump

Brunell Donald-Kyei ​Says Her Business Suffered When She Came Out as a Trump supporter, Called Every Name In the Book By Liberals.
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Brunell Donald-Kyei, Former Vice-Chair of Diversity Outreach for Trump, said in a “Your Voice Radio” interview, she has been called every name in the book from “coon, uncle tom, disgrace to the race, house n****” by the tolerant liberals. Brunnel stood VERY STRONG during the election and was a very vocal Trump supporter during the election. She worked for free as a volunteer and wasn’t paid by the Trump campaign. She has done 100s of interviews from cnn, fox news, and on radio. In the process her epic interviews have been viewed millions of times on twitter, youtube and facebook.
Brunnel who is a attorney said on interview on Your Voice Radio

“My Practice was Boycotted. I was sent a note I am Blackballed in my state. Did you hear me… that I can forget working in my state”
Brunnel has support from her family for supporting Trump and mentioned her children have been bullied in school for supporting Trump.

Also Watch This Video Featuring Brunnell, Over 800,000 Views on Youtube alone and 500,000 on twitter. This video was edited together by Mark @Immigrant4trump. Mark was a twitter slayer during the election and holds the record for most RT by a individual trump supporter during the 2016 election.

Brunnelll has mentioned on twitter, She would love to serve in the Trump Administration and sent her resume in! We hope her all the best!

Twitter has been supporting Brunell using #Brunell4Administration

Update: Brunell Donald-Kyei released a new book “Travail Of An Innocent Child” , support her new book, Buy a copy here
?“Heartbreaking, Inspiring, Courageous Story”

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