Brunell Donald-Kyei DESTROYS Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Needs “a Nice Warm Jail Cell” If He Ignores Sanctuary City Crackdown

VIDEO: Brunell Donald Kyei ripped Mayor Rahm Emanuel for using resources to protect and support illegal immigrants instead of taking care of the people of Chicago.
Brunell said, “Emauel Deserves To Be Voted Out!” …Why aren’t your priorities the people of Chicago?”

Fox News Reports:
Donald-Kyei said Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D-Chicago) “should get just what’s coming to him” if he ignores Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ enforcement of the policy against harboring illegal alien criminals.

Last week, Emanuel questioned the legality of President Trump’s impending policy of withholding federal funds from designated sanctuary cities.”

Emanuel called the plan “a bit of a joke,” citing Trump’s trimming of the Justice Department budget and added that 34 other cities stand with him.

“If he wants to thwart federal law, he should get what’s coming to him: Loss of his mayorship and a nice warm jail cell,” Donald-Kyei said.

Chicago stands to lose $526 million in federal funding if Emanuel follows through on his plan to defy the federal order.

Donald-Kyei said 25 to 50 Chicago schools have recently “failed” and closed under Emanuel’s tenure, and that the billions allocated to help illegal immigrants would be better used to help veterans, the homeless, and youth in troubled neighborhoods.

She pressed Sessions to follow through on his plan, and called Emanuel’s tenure “a travesty” and “disgusting.”
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