Arkansas Lawmaker Wants to Remove “Bill and Hillary Clinton” NAME From Little Rock Airport

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert is suggesting that the Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport revert to its former name. Rapert, a Republican, pointed to how few voters selected Hillary Clinton in the presidential race in the state. He said people entering and exiting the state shouldn’t be reminded of ‘two of the most scandal-ridden politicians in American history’

Some Twitter users suggested it should be named to Douglas MacArthur, was born in Little Rock; name it after him.

The Hill reports:
Ark. lawmaker wants Clintons’ names removed from Little Rock airport

An Arkansas state senator wants to take Bill and Hillary Clinton’s names off the state’s largest airport.

State Sen. Jason Rapert (R) said November’s election results show Arkansans don’t believe the Clintons should have Little Rock’s airport named in their honor.

“The Clintons left Arkansas and do not reside here,” Rapert told The Hill. “Many in our state do not want the first thing people see and last thing they remember about Arkansas being two of the most scandal-ridden politicians in American history.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was routed in Arkansas in the presidential election, losing to President-elect Donald Trump 61 percent to 34 percent. Clinton won only eight of the state’s 75 counties — including Pulaski County, where the airport is based. No Democrat has seriously competed for Arkansas’s electoral votes since former President Bill Clinton won reelection in 1996.

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  1. I suggest waiting to see how future history plays out and what might be provable against the Clintons. I’m surprised at myself for saying this, but giving the decision a little time and maybe feeling less vindictive, the future will give the subject a clearer definition.

    1. The Clinton’s history has already proven enough for the Airport name to be changed. I am sure there is a more appropriate (non politician) name they could use.

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