Legendary Actor James Woods Joins #BoycottPepsi after Pepsi CEO’s Anti-Trump Rant

Actor James Woods joins the Pepsi Boycott, After Pepsi CEO’s Nasty Anti-Trump Rant
In the hours following last week’s presidential election, far-left Pepsico Chairperson and CEO Indra Nooyi chimed-in on the outcome. “Our employees were all crying,” she said Thursday, as reported by Yahoo Finance. “Are we safe?” she alleges her employees were asking.


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  1. I like Diet Mountain Dew (Pepsi Product) a lot. I like Diet Coke equally. No more Pepsi products in my household. I will also boycott the restaurants who support Pepsi until they switch to Coke. I love Applebees, but my family will not be eating there anymore. I have also boycotted Target for many months. That’s several hundreds of dollars I have spent elsewhere. I vote with my wallet.

  2. Pepsi cola will just kill you anyway I’ve stopped drinking all sodas and only drink water
    feel great

  3. Boycotting and Hurting the hard working employees of PepsiCo is not the answer. As an employee. I guarantee the Ceo doesn’t speak for everyone. And I know for a fact maybe a few may have expressed concerns , the mass of employees didn’t speak this fear to her. Some of the safety fear expressed was delivering and working in the hostile protest areas. The Ceo expressed her thoughts not that of the entire company, which I find unfortunate, and as an unfortunate an unknown deserving black eye for PepsiCo. I personally voted Trump

    1. Hate to hurt the employees but I am boycotting, it seems the only way my voice is heard is through my $$$. The solution: get rid of the CEO!

  4. Sad but only way to get Pepsi to wake up is hit their bottom line, when that happens stock holders will scream for this CEO to be replaced. In the mean time as an American exercising my rights in a free market I purchased 6 cartons of Coca Cola products yesterday. No more Pepsi products in my house. The stock holders need to feel the consequences from the consumers when their CEO steps beyond.

  5. Dominos it is!

    I really hope Applebee’s switches to Coke! We prefer coca-cola products anyway

    Californian Socal, u took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂

  6. Let me get this straight,Pepsi CEO hurt your feelings but all trump has said and done you’re okay with?
    You’re an idiot…sheep

    1. At least these people are protesting in a non violent manner; not destroying property and hurting people and being cry babies. They are voicing their concerns and doing something constructive, not destructive.

    2. There is a tremendous difference between hurt feelings (liberals) and being pissed off (conservative).

      The butt pouting of a liberal will do nothing to force change. What difference does it make to the world that a gathering of 18-28 year old lifetime college “students” sit around sobbing and eating government cheese?

      A Pissed off conservative majority drives this economy and when they speak, stock holders will listen.

      Watch how long the CEO of PepsiCo last.

      Why are liberals even in this Coke vs Pepsi thing anyway? Aren’t all your sippy cups filled with coolaid anyway?

    3. @ Trump has not taken over yet so he has not done anything.Most people spend 95% of their lives worrying about things that never happen. Are you ozrt of the 95%¿

  7. No Wucky my feelings are not hurt at all I am not crying in the street but I do disagree with the ceo and because I disagree I will spend my money elsewhere. That is what free market is all about we do not owe our business to anyone.

  8. It has been proven that diet sodas are bad for one,s health with the explosion of added diet sugars. For medicinal comfort choose Ginger Ale for upset tummy and Coka cola for headache, fatigue, cold, flu…

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